Monday, March 31, 2008


We have just recently left the Vancouver area after being in the lower mainland for a total of about 4 weeks. Vancouver has been one of the highlights of my tour so far. One of the reasons I really enjoyed it was because I got to connect with some people I had met on Music For Life/African Children's Choir short term trips. After being on tour for around 6 months it was so wonderful to meet up with some people I actually know! I actually got to stay at Annette's home in White Rock and Miriam's home in Abbottsford. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have a "host family" that is a friend! The night I went home with Annette after a concert I felt like a was released from prison! :) And when I stayed with Miriam another team member, Tina, came up from Spokane, WA to stay with her also. It was a great reunion! The last time we were together was in Uganda this past summer. Knowing people in the area also improved my "day off" each Tuesday. Jan, who I first met on my 2006 MFL short term team, drove me all around Vancouver to see the sights and took me out to eat at a cute little cafe. On another day off Tina took Terese and I to the cute little town of White Rock and we walked the beach and ate yummy seafood. This past Tuesday was my last day off in the Vancouver area and Annette, Adrian (who was visiting Annette all the way from London), and I spent the day together eating out, seeing a imax movie, and having a wonderful meal at Jan and Ron's house. Jan and Ron were the leaders for my first MFL trip. How good it was to catch up and reminisce about our time together in Uganda! It is really amazing how God can bind together the hearts of people when they serve Him together!

Jenny and Tina at White Rock, BC

Jenny, Tina, and Terese

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Christine, Harriet, Auntie Jenny, and Bridget

Faulanta, Washo, Christine, Harriet, Auntie Jenny, and Bridget

Bridget, Auntie Jenny, Enid, and Margaret

A Sunny Day for Sailing!

A SUNNY DAY FOR SAILING! We took the ferry from Victoria to the mainland on March 8.

Bridget, Auntie Jenny, Jerome, and Joseph

Peter in front of the huge BC Ferry we rode on from Victoria, Vancouver Island to the Mainland

Jerome, Christine, and Joseph enjoying the sunshine. We spent just about the whole 2 hour Ferry ride outside enjoying the beautiful view.

A Beautiful Morning!


A few weeks ago I had a wonderfully lazy morning at "Sidney by the Sea" a great town right on the ocean on Vacouver Island. Spring had arrived to the island so I enjoyed a sunny walk on a boadwalk by the sea with starbucks in hand.