Sunday, May 27, 2007

Performance on American Idol

It was really amazing for me to see the ACC kids performing on American Idol last week. These are the same kids my group visited in Uganda last summer. They were just learning to sing and dance and they practiced for us on the front porch of the house that was their temporary home and school. When we arrived the yard and house was so quiet~we found out that the kids were having "nap time". The headmaster woke them up with a little bell and they rushed into the room to immediately give all of us hug after hug after hug. It was really their first contact with a group of Muzungu's (white people). We played games with them in the yard. The most memorable moment for me was when these kids cheered because we had brought them underwear. Yes, that is what I said, UNDERWEAR! How much we take for granted! Several people have mentioned to me how hard it must be for the choir kids to go back to Africa after they have been to the United States. I have pondered this issue also...I have actually asked myself is it really fair to give them a taste of the "good life" and then send them back? I think God is beginning to show me a different perspective on this issue. Would I rather have my kids be thankful for receiving clothes as a gift or have them complain about not getting that new game or toy? Does it really matter if a child grows up without an opportunity to be constantly busy with swimming, piano, karate, tennis, or golf lessons? What if they never go to a movie or visit Chuck E. Cheese? Aren't we a somewhat prideful saying that we are so much better off here? Thankfully these children, unlike many other African kids, will have their needs met. The choir kids will go back to Uganda to attend the Music for Life School with loving Christian teachers, food, and clothing. I am also thankful that these children are taught from the beginning that God has given them a great opportunity to make a difference in the United States AND Africa. Click below to see Choir 29 on Amerian Idol.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

American Idol 6 Finale - African Children's Choir in HD !!

This is Choir 29 performing on The American Idol Finale in May 2007

ACC Choir 29 in Uganda, Africa

This is choir 29 practicing in July 2006.

My Plane tickets have arrived!

I just received my airline ticket in the mail! I leave from O'Hare Airport on Tues. July 3rd and arrive home on Sun. Aug. 19th.

Here is my schedule while I am in Uganda:
July 5-11 Volunteer work at Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja Uganda
July 12-31 Planning & facilitating camps at schools supported by the ACC
Aug. 1-18 Chaperone Training with ACC staff

Friday, May 25, 2007

Max~The Best Dog Ever

I hope you all got to meet Max....but if you didn't here are some of his best pictures:

I miss my Max! He was such a good friend and I think he thought he was a person....when he rode in the back seat of the car he put his paw on the arm rest while looking out the window. The last time I took him for a walk I sat down at a park bench and he jumped up right beside me and sat down like it was totally normal! Also, I had to give him his own pillow or I would wake up in the middle of the night with HIS head on MY pillow!
***He was very smart....he would get so excited when I put on the shoes I always wore when I took him for a walk. He also knew when he was in trouble and would put himself in "time-out". I always knew that if he didn't meet me at the door when I got home that he had gotten into the trash or something because instead of being at the door he would be in his "time-out" place in the bathroom!
***The most interesting thing Max ever tried to eat was a bag of sugar. He got about 1/2 way through it and when I got home I learned where the term "sick as a dog" came from. Thankfully Max never learned how to open the fridge but I did have to put child locks on the cabinets.
***Max was great guard dog and took such good care of me. He could sound so very mean and vicious and would bark when anyone seemed threatening to him...even if it was just my Dad or a friend! I always felt so safe with him around.
***Now it seems like he should always be there following me around. When I sit down I am just waiting for him to be there trying to jump up on my lap. He was my 75 lb lap dog!
***As silly as it may sound...Thank you Jesus for my special puppy who you sent to me when I needed him most!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Choir 29 with Simon Cowell and Josh Groban
at American Idol: Idol gives back