Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Journey Begins.......

In a few short months I am joining a new tour with South African children in the U.K.! Meet some of the children:

Hlengiwe and Tintswalo

Hlengiwe and Tintswalo

Max, Amazing, Suprise, Xolane, Johan (Sam), Banele. Penuel and Sikumbuzo are in the background


Pretty, Hope, Hlengiwe and Nomkhuleko


DON'T MISS THIS: I will be traveling home with the children at the end of their tour to begin even another new chapter in my life. The African Children's Choir has invited me to be a part of the ministry in South Africa at The Music for Life Junior Academy which is a school for the choir members. Read more about it here :

God is so good to allow me to be a part of the work He is doing!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet Auntie Stacie~ She joined Choir #30 in August of 2008 and traveled through the end of tour. She is now in Uganda training Choirs #33 and #34. I got an amazing phone call from her the other day! I was teaching and unable to answer but on my voicemail I heard Jerome's voice saying, "Hello Auntie Jenny! We love you!" and then each of them said their own saying "It's Jerome, Enock, Martin, and Bridget." It made my heart burst with joy to hear my little kiddos calling me Auntie Jenny! Oh, how I miss them! Thank you Auntie Stacie for visiting them and loving on them!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kenyan Choir #30 kids

I thrive on any information I can get about my Choir #30 children. I am so thankful for modern communication like email and facebook! Occasionally, I chat online with the Kenyan Choir Manager who has regular contact with my kids. I'm sure he gets tired of my asking about the children! A few weeks ago I heard that the Kenyan Choir #30 kids were all staying at the office because they were going to be doing a concert and singing at a radio station. I was very excited to chat online with the children via Uncle Mwai, the choir manager. He patiently endured me asking the children questions and typed their answers back to me! It was such a blessing to be able to have just a little contact with them! Here is a picture of a few of the children at the radio station with Uncle Mwai and the radio DJ's.

Ugandan Choir #30's children's new school

Here are some pictures of the new Music for Life/African Children's Choir school being built in Entebbe, Uganda. If you would like to read more details please visit the principal's blog:

This is the school that my 12 Ugandan kids will go to. They are currently in a building in the city of Kampala that is much too crowded. This new school is in a great location on the banks of Lake Victoria. I visited the land in 2007 before they even began building. It has a beautiful view of the lake!