Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jinja, Ugnada

I have made it all the way to Jinja, Uganda....although 1 of my 3 bags did not.....too bad it couldn't be one of the bags full of school supplies that I do not need for another week! Instead it's the one with my clothes, toiletries, and flashlight!! Oh well....I did get a nice cold shower when I arrived so at least I am clean even if my clothes aren't! Pray that my bag arrives on the next flight in on Sat.

But that aside, I'm here and it is wonderful and just as beautiful and unique as I remember! I haven't been to the Baby Cottage just yet but I the workers met us (me and 3 Moms that are adopting from Amani) at the airport and had the 3 kids being adopted with them. It was wonderful to experience the reuniting of the kids with their new moms. Please pray for a positive court time on Friday july 5 so these kids can go home with their families soon!

My friend Andrea met me at the airport also so we got to spend the 3 hour drive catching up. She has been volunteering at Amani since the beginning of May. I'm counting on her to show me the changing a cloth diaper....:)

I'm sure i will have lots of baby stories for you when i post the next time. In the mean time....somebody please drink a diet mt. dew for me! Love you all!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Answered Prayers

I didn't expect to making a post from Dublin Ireland but here I am doing exactly that! What a crazy day! My British Airways flight got cancelled due to the current issues in the London Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, they got me onto another airline flying O'Hare to Dublin to London. Thankfully, I only had to pay $100 for the extra bag that BA was allowing me but the other airline made me pay for. Thankfully, my bags were NOT overweight with 2 of the even weighing exactly the 70 allotted pounds! Thankfully, this is a GREAT day and God is good all the time! I love you all! Thanks for praying!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A conversation with Rylie (2 yrs)

A conversation with Rylie (2yrs)

Rylie: you drivin' to Africa?

Aunt Jenny: No, I'm going to fly in a big airplane.

Rylie: (silence)

Rylie: you have airplane in your garage?
Some more helpers!

Rylie and Kendall

Sunday, July 01, 2007

This news just in!


Up until the past week many of the details concerning the chaperone training part of my trip were at a bare minimum. I am excited to say after a couple emails and a phone call I now have a pretty clear picture of what it could possibly involve. The best part is that we will be staying on the same grounds as our choir. Choir 30 is now living at a training house called Makindye. We will be staying at a newly built guest house on the same property. (the bad news is there is no hot water heater:). It will be wonderful to be so close to the kids we will be spending the next year with. Another interesting aspect of the trip will be that we are going to visit many of the homes these children come from. I am sure it will be a very valuable experience for each of us. I have also found out more about the "we" in all of this. Up until now I had no info. about my co-chaperones. There are 7 of us that will be traveling with Choir 30. 4 of us are from the States and 3 are Africans that are former ACC kids. The most interesting piece of information is that the Choir Manager wants me to have the role of "Tour Leader". This is both exciting and a little frightening .... especially when I read in my handbook: "The Tour Leader is responsible for the overall well being of the road team and the children." YIKES! When I get home I will give you all more details and specific prayer requests!