Saturday, March 07, 2009


Ok, so it is hard to know how to write this post. I got ahold of these beautiful pictures of Choir #30 Kenya kids being reunited with their families. They are amazing. You can see the raw emotion of the moment. This families are so thankful and excited to have their "babies" back home. Some people could look at these photos and really misinterpret the goal and mission of the choir. Many times on tour people would ask me about how the parents/guardians feel about their children being so far from home for an extended period of time. So let me just say that Music for Life didn't have to twist any arms or beg and plead for any of our kids to be a part of Choir #30. What you don't see in these pictures is the reality of these families living conditions. These pictures were taken in Mombassa which is a port city in Kenya. It is actually a pretty popular tourist destination. The condition of the road in the picture you see below is quite rare outside the city. The families of Choir #30 live outside the city in villages. These families traveled, most likely by foot, to Mombassa to meet the bus that brought the children from Nairobi. I've never been to their homes but I can pretty much guarantee that all of these kids live in places with dirt roads. I saw pictures of many of their homes. They are in remote places. The homes are made of mud with thatch roofs. Many don't have running water or electricity. What you don't see in the photos below is that these families can't take care of their children. The families feel relieved to know that their child would be clothed, fed and cared for by Music for Life. That's why they were happy to send them with us. To give them an amazing experience and to have their future education secured. Many people have also asked me what happens to the kids when they go home. The kids go back to their own country and are able to go to boarding schools. They are actually sponsored all the way through university! These families know that a University education will change their child's life and give them amazing opportunities and what Music for Life has seen is that these children grow up, get and education and then are able to help their entire families.

The bus arrives!

Excitement fills the streets as the kids walk hand in hand with the ones they love!




Ibrahim's brother looks just like him!

Faulanta and her little brother called "King"

Big smiles!!!!

I can guess that little King is lifting up prayers of thanksgiving that his big sister is home safe! How precious!