Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Calling (Part 2)

In the fall of 2005 The African Children's Choir came to my church, East White Oak Bible, for a concert. At this time in my life I looking for possible opportunities to go to Africa during summer break. I had checked out many orphanages on the web but it seemed as if they all wanted money, not people. Considering I had no money to give it was frustrating. At the concert I was amazed at the dancing and singing but mostly at the smiles of joy coming from these beautiful children. During the concert they told of the need for volunteers and that is when I feel God began my journey to Uganda.

The Calling (part 1)

My passion for Africa began a few years back when my students at Cornerstone Christian Academy began sponsoring a little girl named Zamambo. She lives in South Africa and attends an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Member School. Cornerstone is also a member of ACSI so our preschool classes began collecting coins and dollars to pay for her tuition, meals, and clothing. We began praying for her and her family. My students amazed me with their giving hearts and generosity. They were so excited to give. Some even emptied their entire piggy banks for Zamambo. One of my favorite stories is about a little boy who received "ice cream" money in the mail from his Grandpa. He decided on his own that Zamambo needed the money more than him. Through these experiences with my students I felt God's calling to serve the African children in some way.