Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Spectacular with Sandi Patty and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Holiday Spectacular with Sandi Patty and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

We are in Baltimore finishing up a 14 show run. The kids get to wear these beautiful gowns and tuxes for part of the concert. They look and sound truly amazing. Of course everyone here has fallen in love with them. We leave here on Dec. 24 and will spend Christmas together at a camp in New York State. The kids fly home to Africa from New York City on Dec. 27th. I can hardly believe it is really time to say goodbye. I am trying to enjoy every moment until the last hug goodbye. Pray for these sweet little ones as they prepare to return home. It will be a big adjustment for them. Please pray for me as I say goodbye to these children who have become my life for the past 16 months. Right now it seems impossible to even imagine my life without them.

Ibrahim, Jane, Auntie Jenny, Faulanta and Martin




Faulanta and Jane

Jackie and Anna




Harriet, Prisca, Sarah, Daniel, and Bridget


Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Photo Shoot with the kids I love!

We did a little photo shoot at this abandoned house near Mirembe House in North Carolina. I think these are going to be some of my favorite pictures from tour!

Washo and Jane

Auntie Jenny, Washo and Jane

Auntie Jenny and Washo


Joseph, Auntie Jenny and Johnson

Smile a little Bridget...........


Auntie Jenny and Jacob

Washo, Sarah, Auntie Jenny, Halima and Margaret

Auntie Jenny and Daniel

November in North Carolina

We have been enjoying some wonderfully warm weather here in North Carolina! I took these pictures outside at Mirembe.






Faulanta and Washo

Halima and Joseph playing cards

Mirembe House, New Hill North Carolina

The Back Yard

Bridget helping clean

Some of the boy's bunks

The boy's toys!

Lots of fruit for our kiddos!

Our kitchen!