Sunday, June 14, 2009

Choir #33 Tour Begins.......

without me!

Choir #33 arrived in Northern Ireland on Wednesday, June 3rd! This is the group of children I will join in August. They began a whirlwind tour in Northern Ireland and have already moved on to Scotland but not without first singing for the President of Northern Ireland! Please join me in praying for these sweet children and the team of chaperones taking care of them!

Stormont Castle in Northern Ireland with Peter Robinson, First Minister and Martin McGuiness, Deputy First Minister (photo below)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


As I have mentioned in the past, one of the chaperones that I traveled with is now in Uganda. She sent me these pictures of my choir #30 kids back home in Uganda at our boarding schools. I was so happy to see these pictures. I wanted to put them here on my blog but it made me wonder what other people will see when they look at them. What do you see?


This is Anna. Beautiful sweet Anna. She is wearing Auntie Amanda's pink sweatshirt. Amanda is one my fellow chaperones. Amanda told me that the day the children flew home and we had to say goodbye Anna asked, "Will I ever see you again?" Anna took this sweatshirt home as a precious gift from her Auntie Amanda. I love seeing her wearing it this photo.

Here I see these girls looking at pictures and letters that Amanda, Terese, and I sent them! Jackie is looking at a picture of her and Auntie Amanda when we were at Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia, Canada. Next to Bridget, on the bed, is a pink envelope with my handwriting on it.... the letter I sent her! It does my heart good to see these girls receiving letters from their Aunties who love them so very much! Thanks Auntie Stacie for hand delivering them!

This is my dear sweet Bridget (now my sponsor child!). She is wearing the soccer uniform that all of the children got when we were in Sudbury, Ontario about a year ago. Looking at this picture I see my little girl being well taking care of. She has a nice bed at boarding school. She has clean clothes and food to eat. Thank you Lord Jesus for providing for her through The African Children's Choir!

Here is Anna again. I recognize her dress. I lovingly ohhhed and awwwwed over all the beautiful new clothes we packed in her suitcase. When we packed them it was like therapy for me to check and make sure each child had all that they needed for when they arrived home from tour. I'm so glad she has a nice pretty dress to wear to church!

Look at these wonderful children! They are at Full Gospel Church. It reminds me of when I first met choir #30 in Uganda and we worshiped together at Full Gospel. Jerome, Jackie, and Bridget are wearing the "Sunday Clothes" we bought for them while on tour. They wore these clothes every Sunday for months in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and maybe some other states. Enid, in true "Enid-fashion", is wearing her ACC t-shirt which is no surprise to anyone who knows her! Jackie is wearing a shirt I picked out for her to bring home. In this picture I see happy, confident children. It amazes me to think of what the Lord has done in their lives! He has provided for them in every way!

Once again I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be involved with The African Children's Choir. I have seen, first hand, the positive transformation in these children. Even more so, I feel completely 100 % grateful to my God who can do more than I could ever ask or imagine!