Friday, August 14, 2009

At the park





Penuel and Amazing


Double Decker Buses!

Gabsile, Phephile, and I have been staying at a host family at the edge the city of Edinburgh. Each day we have been taking the bus into the city where we meet up with the rest of the choir for school, rehearsals, and concerts. We have been enjoying the double decker buses and girls love to sit at the very front on the top!

Phephile and Gabsile

Please come to our show!

Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland! We are here in Edinburgh until the end of August. The children are performing concerts for a famous art festival called The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We have performances 4-5 times a week in a beautiful old church in the center of the city. The festival is throughout the whole city in different venues and also street performers. The children have been enjoying going out on the streets to pass out flyers advertising the show!

Nomkhuleko, Tinswallow, Hope, Sikhunbuzo, and Maxwell

Who could say no to her? :)

Tintswallow and Hope